About Us

What Is Land Surveying?

Land Surveying is the technique of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and distances and angles between them. This technique is practiced by professional surveyors to establish boundaries, locations of building corners, complete property sales, or other purposes.

When Do You Need a Survey?

  • When a property is divided into parcels for sale or development
  • When a property is to be sold, purchased or mortgaged.
  • When property improvements are planned or to be developed.
  • When government regulations require a survey and map of your property.
  • When the location of property boundaries or corners is uncertain.
  • When property trespass or encroachment is evidenced or suspected.

So Who Are We?

We are a small-sized company offering services in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. We provide our customers with the right documentation of legal property lines, and also determine the precise location of real estate or other projects that might take place. Many boundary disputes often arise due to lack of up-to-date records, or the misinterpretation of available records. We can assist you with a plethora of surveying needs.

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